HTML form

Forms are very common in our daily lives, but how do we output the forms on our web pages?

The <table> tag defines an HTML table.

A simple HTML table consists of a table element and one or more tr, th, or td elements.

The tr element defines the table row, the th element defines the header, and the td element defines the table cell.

Let's make the simplest form


Cellspacing , the distance between cells

Cellpadding , the distance between the text and the cell border is in pixels

border  to add text border border table border = 0 set to not display the border

The above three attribute values ​​can be set by themselves, set according to their own requirements.

HTML table header

The header of the table is defined using the <th> tag.

Most browsers will display the header as bold text centered:


Colspan and rowspan

You can merge cells in landscape and portrait by adding two attributes, colspan and rowspan, to the <td> tag.


Before the merger

After the merger

Look for the law

More examples

This example demonstrates a table without a border.


This example demonstrates how to display elements within different elements.

HTML table label

label      description
<table>Definition form
<th>Define the header of the table
<tr> Define the row of the table
<td> Defining table cells
<caption>      Define table title
<colgroup>      Define the group of table columns
<col>   Define attributes for table columns
<thead>    Define the header of the table
<tbody>  Defining the body of the form
<tfoot> Define the footer of the table


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