HTML script

JavaScript makes HTML pages more dynamic and interactive.

HTML <script> tag

The <script> tag is used to define client-side scripts, such as JavaScript.

The <script> element can contain either a script statement or an external script file via the src attribute.

JavaScript is most commonly used for image manipulation, form validation, and content dynamic updates.


The following script will output "How are you?" to the browser:


HTML<noscript> tag

The <noscript> tag provides an alternative to when a script cannot be used, such as when the browser disables the script, or when the browser does not support client-side scripting.

The <noscript> element can contain all of the elements found in the body element of a normal HTML page.

The contents of the <noscript> element are only displayed if the browser does not support scripting or disables the script:


JavaScript experience (from this site javascript tutorial)
JavaScript instance code:

JavaScript event response:

Run the program to see

JavaScript handles HTML styles:

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