HTML link

HTML uses hyperlinks to connect to another document on the web.

Links can be found in almost all web pages. Click on a link to jump from one page to another.

Let's first look at a link instance

HTML hyperlink (link)

HTML uses the tag <a> to set up hypertext links.

A hyperlink can be a word, a word, or a group of words, or it can be an image that you can click to jump to a new document or a section of the current document.

When you move the mouse pointer over a link in a web page, the arrow turns into a small hand.

The href attribute is used in the tag <a> to describe the address of the link.

For example, if you link to the site home page, you can say this:

<a href="">PHP Chinese Network</a> 

By default, links will appear in the browser in the following form:

An non-visited link appears as a blue font with an underscore.

Visited links appear purple and underlined.

When you click on a link , the link appears red and underlined.

Note : If CSS styles are set for these hyperlinks, the presentation style will be displayed according to the CSS settings.

HTML connection - id attribute

The id attribute can be used to create bookmark tags in an HTML document.

Hint: Bookmarks are not displayed in any special way, are not displayed in HTML documents, so they are hidden from the reader.

Insert an ID in the HTML document:

<a id="tips">Useful tips section</a>

Create a link in the HTML document to the "useful hints section (id="tips")":

<a href="#tips">Access the helpful tips section</a>

Or, create a link from another page to the "useful hints section (id="tips")":

<a href="">
Access the helpful tips section</a>

Basic considerations 

Note: Always add a forward slash to the subfolder. If you write the link like this: href="", it will generate two HTTP requests to the server. This is because the server adds a forward slash to this address and then creates a new request like this: href="".


How to use image links.

The image uses the <img> tag, which will be discussed later.

Click on the image above will jump to this URL

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