HTML base tag

In HTML, the basic tabs are mainly used for titles, paragraphs, and branches.
The best way to learn HTML is to follow the example.

Body title

HTML uses the <h1> to <h6> tags to define the body title, from large to small. Each body title is self-contained. <h1>A</h1>

Paragraph division


HTML comment

In the HTML file, you can write code comments and explain your code, which will help you and others to better understand your code in the future.

Comments can be written between <!-- and -->. The browser ignores comments and you won't see your comments in the HTML body.

<!-- This is a comment --> 

Some small suggestions

The HTML file will automatically remove extra spaces. No matter how many spaces you add, it is treated as a space. A blank line is also treated as a space.

Some tags can self-contain text without segmentation using <p></p>. For example, the title tag such as <h1></h1>.

HTML link

A link is a connection from a web page to a target. The target can be another web page, a different location on the same web page, an image, an email address, a file, or even an application.

HTML links are defined by the <a> tag.
<a href="">This is a link</a>

Note: Specify the address of the link in the href attribute.

(You will learn more about properties in the later chapters of this tutorial).

HTML image

HTML images are defined by the <img> tag.
<img src="jquerylearn.jpg" width="104" height="142" />
Note: The name and size of the image are provided as attributes.

These labels are described in detail in later chapters.

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