Installation of PHP

PHP is a development language. The code written in the development language usually needs to run under the specified software. Therefore, the code we write needs to be displayed (running), and we need to install these software to run the code.

We can refer to the development of several software running our code and software running the code.

What do you need to do ?

As a beginner, we don't recommend downloading Apache MySQL PHP and configuring it yourself, because in the configuration, you will encounter a lot of problems, which will weaken your confidence in the beginning. So I suggest you use the integrated environment package at the beginning.

Third, choose the integrated environment package

There are a lot of integrated environment packages available for you to choose from, and the functions are similar. You can choose one. Commonly there are  WAMPServer, XAMPP, APMserv, AppServer.


If you have trouble in installation .Please watch this video :

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